Bishopric – June 2019

I’m sure everyone in the Mount Pleasant 4th ward is excited for summer.  It is crazy the difference a year makes.  Last year we were in a drought and were worried about not having enough water.  We have certainly been blessed with water this year.  Everything is green and beautiful.  It is nice to enjoy the little blessings our Heavenly Father gives us. 

I want to congratulate our seniors that have recently graduated from High School.  Jonas Evans, Sophia Jessee, Lavi Tuineau, and Juniper Wolf graduated from Wasatch Academy.  Cole Allred, Wyatt (Bubba) Ison, Isabelle Johansen, and Annika Rainey graduated from North Sanpete.  Several of these students graduated from seminary as well.  We are so proud of these eight young men and women.  They are going to accomplish great things as they head off to college, missions, etc. 

We also want to congratulate Bubba Ison on his mission call to the Yakima Washington mission.  He will be reporting to the MTC on July 24.  He is lucky in that Josh Walker is already serving in this mission.  What a great blessing to a new missionary to have someone from your ward in the same mission.  Bubba’s sister, Jentry Ison, served in the Vancouver Washington mission which is right next to the Yakima mission.  We are excited for Amy Staker, she will be serving in the Salem Oregon mission.  She will be reporting to the MTC on August 14.  It seems that there is a strong connection between the Mount Pleasant 4th ward and the Washington / Oregon area.  I’m excited to listen to Bubba and Amy’s farewells in July.  What a great experience these two have a head of them.  When Amy and Bubba report to the MTC, we will have 9 full-time missionaries serving from the Mount Pleasant 4th ward. 

June is a busy month.  The girls will participate in Girls camp on June 19 – 20.  As most of you know, the church has announced that this year will be the last year for the Manti Pageant.  The Pageant will occur June 13-15 and 18-22.  There are several ward members that will participate in the cast.  Our young men will be participating in various camps and activities as well.

The theme for the month of June is Temple Work, family history, and indexing.  President Jorgensen has emphasized this topic in stake conference.  Our youth focused on this topic for Youth conference.  We all had a great experience.  I had committed to focus on this in my own life, and for the first couple of months of this year I did ok.  As with many initiatives in my own life, sometimes there is a lull in my commitment.  So, I’m excited to recommit to Indexing, family history, and temple work during the month of June. 

I’m grateful for Jesus Christ and for his infinite atonement.  I’m grateful for the gospel and the organization of the church.  What a huge blessing the gospel is in my life and the lives of my family members.  I’m grateful for all of the members of the Mount Pleasant 4th ward. 

Bishop Applegarth

Talitha Cumi Garlick’s Story

I was asked to share a family history story which had meaning to me and my family. The following is a journal entry from my father’s side which focuses on a story of an ancestor who learned the importance of FOLLOWING THE PROPHET over 174 years ago. Talitha Cumi Garlick’s Story:

Elam married his third wife, Talitha Cumi Garlick, in 1854. Talitha was 30 and Elam was 29. Talitha was the widow of William Howard Avery. She tells the following story:

On March 12, 1845, I was married to a good young man by the name of William Howard Avery. He owned a nice farm 4 miles north of Montrose, a beautiful place.

In 1846, the Saints had to leave Nauvoo and go to the mountains. We sold our place for a song, you might say, and got ready to go with the first company on March 4, 1846. My first child [William Howard] was born on Sugar Creek [Iowa, March 4, 1846]. My husband got a small cabin for us to stay in for a month. On April 6, 1846 we started and caught up with the first company at Mt. Pisgah. We traveled with the first Company to the Bluffs and camped on Mosquito Creek.

It was here the Battalion was chosen and sent to Mexico on the 15th of July 1846. My husband was called, but I felt that I could not bear to have him leave me alone. I feared I would never get to the Valley of the mountains if he did not stay with me. Brother Brigham came to our house and told me if I would let him go everything would be all right and we would all get to the valley safely, but I begged and pleaded and coaxed, and he finally consented to let him stay with me. Read this story and you shall see what a mistake I made when I did not listen to, and trust in, the Lord.

We then crossed the Missouri River and camped on the west side as it was too late to go any farther. The camp stopped and made preparations for the winter. We stayed there all winter. In the spring of 1847 Brother Brigham Young with a band of pioneers started west to find a home for the Latter-Day Saints, west of the Rocky Mountains.

After Brother Brigham started, we crossed back to the east side of the Missouri and my husband built a house and fenced and planted a garden. Our second child, Charles, was born and died on April 13, 1847.

Then my husband, William Avery, and his brothers went to Missouri to find work. We had then been living one year on what we brought with us; so we had to stay to get a fresh supply before we could go to the mountains. They went, therefore, during part of July and they found a good place to work.

Sister Jessee

Sister Hafen – June 2019

Paraguay Asunción North Mission Office Address Av. Santísima Trinidad N° 1280 c/Julio Correa Casilla de Correo 1871 Asuncion

Haupeeiiii! como estan????

This week has been one of the best weeks here in Piquete Cue! To start off, on Tuesday we had the opportunity to go to a school, and teach English! It was so fun! There was a bunch of 15 year old kids, and we were able to help them learn some verbs, we taught them head, shoulders, knees and toes the song, and we shared cultures basically. Literally the kids were so nice, and it was fun to be in there and represent our savior Jesus Christ, and now we are just waiting for them to contact us on the street so we can get their contact information and go teach them!! It was fun because they didn’t know that much English so my comp would speak in English first, then they would all look at me and I would translate what she said in English to Spanish. They thought it was sooo coooll haha.

We had the opportunity to have 2 baptisms this week of Ale and Shana, their families are less active but we reactivated them and baptized ale and Shana so it’s been a lot of fun working with them. Ale is 9 years old and sooo cute, his favorite song is families can be together forever, and he’s just such a baller. Shana is someone really special to us, her whole family is just awesome and so loving with the missionaries! They said they’re going to come to the airport to send me home and say good bye to me, but really the best part about the baptisms were seeing Shana and ale just smile from ear to ear, after and to have them say they feel peace, and happy, and that they know this is what they should be doing. Love them!

So it was my last Sunday in Piquete Cue and we got a phone call on Sunday morning from bishop, and he says “Hermana Hafen, the church is flooded.” my heart sunk! So the elders and us were preparing for our baptisms the night before, cleaning the church and the baptism font but we and the Elders forgot to turn OFF the baptism font, and it FILLED ALLLL NIGHTTTT! So we hurried and got ready and went to the church and spent an hour and a half getting all the water out of the church it wasn’t too deep but it was just in every room! But apparently this is the 4th time it has happened, and nobody was mad, and Paraguay is used to cleaning up floods because it happens a lot, but let’s just say bishop is never gonna forget me, and I’ll remember my last Sunday here in Piquete Cue.

So changes are tomorrow…. and I got a call from President Evans yesterday and he has called me to be a sister training leader, and my area is Campo Grande, Right in the middle of Asuncion!!!!! IM in the city!!!!!! I’ve never been in the city but it will be interesting, I’ll learn a lot and get so much better at teaching and working diligently. But I’m excited to go on divisions with other hermanas, also he called me there so that I could help the new president and his wife with all the medical stuff, so I’ll be the mission nurse basically, the missionaries call me to tell me what’s wrong and I have to make appointments for them at the doctors so that’s cool and I’ll learn the medical terms in Spanish! I’m really excited for my new adventure and to really learn from a bunch of different hermanas on divisions!!!
I have loved my last 6 months here in Piquete Cue, it’s such a blessed area!!! The families here are awesome, I’m going to miss hermano Baldomero, and he’s already cried about me leaving but it comforts him that I’ll be close.. I’ve seen so many miracles in this area, and it’s just Piquete!

Love you all and thanks for all the love and support!

Che rohayhu!!
Hermana Hafen

Elder Olson – June 2019

New Zealand HamiltonMission Office Address P.O. Box 9542 Hamilton 3240 New Zealand

Kia Ora, Whanau!

I hope everyone had a wonderful week! My week was jam packed, so I am going to try to cover the most important points.

This past Tuesday, we had the privilege of hearing the voice if the Lord through a modern-day prophet. Because our mission president is the man, he was able to get us all up to Auckland to hear him personally. We had to be up at 3:00 am, and I ended up getting a cold, but it was totally worth it. It was an amazing experience. The love and kindness I felt from President Nelson is indescribable.

Our car was being worked on from Wednesday to Friday, so we were able to get out on the bikes a lot this week. We were able to see a lot of the people we have been trying unsuccessfully to get in contact with. One of them is a less-active woman who was involved in an accident a couple weeks ago. She was hit by a car, then hit by another car. She has a shattered pelvis, broken ribs, broken neck, and a fractured skull. We decided to stop by where she lives to see if the guy who lives there was home (another less-active, long story). We came in and she was on a bed in the living room. She told us that she is definitely coming back to church.

On Sunday, John’s dad came to church! For those who don’t remember, John was baptized about two months ago. He is in his 30’s, and lives with his father, in his 50’s. We were driving to church behind someone’s truck. We weren’t sure who it was when it turned into the chapel. We parked next to it, and John got out of the passenger seat. John’s father hopped out and walked inside with his “Original Gangsta” jacket on. It was so funny to see, but also so great to see John doing missionary work.

Spiritual Thought- I was listening to a talk by Boyd K. Packer yesterday, and he said something that stood out to me, and I think it still applies to day. He said “The church is on track, and it is on schedule.” I would like to split this statement in two. “The church is on track:” The changes that are happening in the church are not only supposed to happen, but imperative for the success of the church. These things are EXACTLY what the Lord wants done. Another quote by President Nelson is that “The Restoration is an ongoing process.” These are all things that are meant to be a part of Christ’s original church.

“The church is on schedule:” FHE changes that are happening in the church are happening when the Lord wants them to happen. We are not falling behind in the world, nor are we going too fast for the people. The Lord will give us exactly what we need when we need it.

I hope you all have a wonderful week. I understand it is officially summer in Utah, and I hope you all enjoy it. It is transfer week, and I find out tomorrow what will be happening to me. So far, I haven’t a clue.

Ofa Atu!

Elder Olson

Picture: We came into the primary room before church on Sunday. The other ward’s primary kids had written “The 10 Commandments” on the board. I especially like “Do not bully homeless people.”