Bishopric – Restoration

Spring is such a beautiful time of year. The rain, the mud, the pollen… ok, maybe not those things so much, but the new growth, the green, the rebirth, the flowers. I love that our topic for this coming month of May is the Restoration. How appropriate that we study and ponder that great truth as the world restores itself after a long winter.

April was a great month.  General Conference with the wonderful talks shared by Apostles of Jesus Christ.  I have a strong testimony that if we follow the words of living (and loving) prophets, we’ll always be ok.  We may not escape the rain that seems to fall on everyone, but we’ll be ok.

The Young Men and Young Women also had Youth Conference this past month. They were able to visit 2 temples, the Provo City Center and the Salt Lake. Afterwards it was off to Airborne for some bouncy fun.  It was great to see everybody working together, worshiping together, and having fun together. We have GREAT youth, and youth leaders.  A big thanks to all who made that event such a success.

I just want to share my testimony that this IS the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. This is his work we are involved in. My goal this spring is to try to be a little more like Him. A little kinder.  A little more faithful. A little less fearful and doubting. I loved Elder Ballard’s talk from a couple of years ago about staying close to the Savior. (To Whom Shall We Go, Oct 2016).  I’ll conclude with a quote from him:

If you live as long as I have, you will come to know that things have a way of resolving themselves. An inspired insight or revelation may shed new light on an issue. Remember, the Restoration is not an event, but it continues to unfold.

Never abandon the great truths revealed through the Prophet Joseph Smith. Never stop reading, pondering, and applying the doctrine of Christ contained in the Book of Mormon.

Brother Walker 2nd Counselor

What is Family History, why do we do it, and is it our responsibility?

Why do we have Family History? What is Family History? Is it our responsibility?

Imagine that you have just been seated to partake of a 5 course meal. You are ready and the server brings round one. It is wonderful and you are waiting for the rest of the meal nothing else comes your way. Others around you are getting their meal, you ask the server about bringing your meal and the server says, “we are waiting on those who are supposed to be preparing your meal”. Still no meal comes your way, after an hour wait you are not too happy. Just think of our ancestors who have been waiting for us to do their family history work. They may not have been waiting for an hour but many years. What can we do?

 We can begin by indexing, but we need to look for our family names also. Indexing is important because it get names out in the open so we can as well as others get to those names so the work can be done for them. As I have been looking at the conference talks, there are 68 conference talks on family history ranging from 1971 to our present day. This doesn’t mean that’s all because I am sure there are some prior to 71. We need to get the names ready for the temple and get them to the temple so the work can be done whether we do the work or if someone else does the work. We all have work that can be done. I am not sure how to do the work, there are ward members that have been called to help you with this, and they are willing to help but need you to let them know who you are so they can help.

Family History is our responsibility, we have a responsibility to our family members that have gone on to help them with their work that was not completed while they were here on earth. Baptisms, Conformations, Initiatory, Endowments, and Sealings are the ordinances we can help with. Family history gives us the opportunity to help our family members complete their temple ordinances and receive the blessings that are there for them. Eternal Families.  Elder Renlund’s statement: When we gather our Family histories and go to the temple on behalf of our ancestors, God fulfills promised blessings simultaneously on both sides of the veil. May we be will willing to help our ancestors so that we can and will be eternal families.

Brother Kevin Allen

Sister Hafen – May 2019

Paraguay Asunción North Mission Office Address Av. Santísima Trinidad N° 1280 c/Julio Correa Casilla de Correo 1871 Asuncion

Haupeiiiii! Como estan?? 

Wow I love being a missionary and it was another great week! So during the week there was a lot of rain. This didn’t really help us with the lessons that we planned. We had a lot of people cancel on us but we kept working. My comp and I was talking last night and we were just saying how easy it could be to be disobedient and just stay home and take a nap when there is rain, but no, you have to keep working, you have to be obedient because this isn’t our work we are only tools in the hands of the lord in his work so we worked hard out in the rain, all week. And we definitely were blessed with miracles!!!!

So we have been teaching this family Vergara, and they are so special to my heart! We have been teaching them for 2 weeks and they have been praying, reading the scriptures, but we only had the chance to teach the mom and the kids so far because the dad hasn’t been home when we were there. They hadn’t come to church because they have one kid that is special needs, and he can’t walk and he sometimes makes noises but we have been promising lots blessing to this family about if they make sacrifices they will receive blessings from the gospel in all aspects of their lives.  So we were wondering what do we need to do to get them to church this Sunday? We had a prompting to go talk to their dad on Saturday night so we went there and we shared a little bit with him about what we had been teaching their family, and towards the end we were explaining that this gospel is for the family and he asked us what time does church start? We were like 9 o clock! He told us “we are going to go”, but then he asked what if it rains?  We promised him it won’t be raining when it’s time to leave because God wants your family there so the next morning came around and it started to rain a little bit but when we got to their house an hour before church it was sunny skies! The first sun that had come out all week!  We were all walking down the route with the whole family! It took a lot of sacrifice as a family, but we know they’re going to see so many blessings this week, and we even had a family home evening last night with their whole family, so i will ask you all to pray for them, keep familia Vergara in your prayers, they’re so awesome!!!

Then to make Sunday even better we had 12 people that we had been teaching come to church! Two complete families and some couples and some little kids that are part families! We were blessed with a miracle of 12 people in the church! We were so happy after a week full of rain!

I love being a missionary and I really do have so much joy when I truly see people coming unto Christ through his gospel and seeing Heavenly father help us in his work. We literally don’t do anything ha-ha we are 2 Americans that don’t speak the best Spanish but what we do is invite the spirit and are obedient, and we follow the spirit.

Love you all and I love being a missionary! Be sure to bear your testimony this fast and testimony meeting!!! This month of May is going to be a month of miracles!

Love you all,


Hermana Hafen

Sister Jorgensen – May 2019

Arkansas Little Rock Mission Office Address 905 Kierre Dr North Little Rock AR 72116

Hello y’all ,

Sorry it’s been a minute, another week, month & transfer has gone in a blink of an eye. Every day is such a blessing full of countless miracles, tons of incredible people met (& some rather crazy) 😉 & LOTS of laughs. I swear at the end of everyday my heart is about to burst as I reflect on the love I have for the people here & the gospel

This week we were able to set 2 of the little girls, Deidra & Daijreonna, on date for baptism for May 25th! They are just the cutest little things. We call them “our kids” they get so excited when we come over and teach them! They love church and are just making themselves right at home! 💛

Something that I’ve noticed throughout my life and especially as a missionary has to do with finding true joy.

So bear with me as I go on a little rant about JOY. So many people are trying to find, search, and buy true joy and happiness. So many people often think I’ll be happy once I get married to the perfect guy or girl, or once I graduate high school, or leave/ come home from my mission, or get my dream job, or have my first child, own my own house, move out of the house the list goes on and on.

Sometimes our search for happiness in this life can seem like running on a treadmill. We run and run and still feel like we haven’t gotten anywhere.

We often think that joy comes from the circumstances in our lives BUT that’s so not true.

President Nelson says it best “The joy we feel has little to do with the circumstances of our lives and everything to do with the focus of our lives”. Joy comes from and because of Him. He is the source of all joy.

When we focus our lives and center our lives around Jesus Christ we can experience true JOY despite if we have the perfect job, perfect house, are married or not, are super rich etc. Because Christ is truly the source of all joy & light. Worldly things bring pleasure in the moment but eternal things & an eternal perspective bring true JOY!

Anyways I’ll be done with my rant about joy. Thanks for all your love, support & prayers they are definitely felt! I hope that you can each find true joy despite your circumstances by more fully focusing your life on Christ.

Have a blessed week!

❤ Love

Sister Jorgensen

Elder Olson – May 2019

New Zealand Hamilton Mission Office Address P.O. Box 9542 Hamilton 3240 New Zealand

Kia Ora, Everyone!

Well, this week has been pretty exciting. Elder Kupu was transferred down to Gisbourne, and I am staying and training again! My new companion is Elder Gabut from the Philippines. Things are still moving along here in Rotorua.

We had a pretty funny experience this past week. We went for a hike last P-Day, nothing too exciting. We went up a hill that was supposed to have an amazing view. We got up to the top and there was just a power station, a bunch of trees, and no view. We started walking back down, and we took a way we thought would be shorter. We saw an amazing view, but the walk was over twice as long as we thought it would be. Most of our hike was just walking back to our car, but we saw more than we would have just walking back the way we came. The part that was funny was there was an old couple who was coming down the way we came up. They told us it was worth the hike and the view was great.

Spiritual Thought- With it being Easter, I have had the Atonement of Jesus Christ on my mind quite a bit. Reading in Jesus the Christ, James E. Talmage talks about how the pain of the Atonement is something we can’t even comprehend. Christ took on something that even He couldn’t fully anticipate. But He did it anyway. We all are going to go things we won’t fully anticipate or comprehend until we get to the other side. But I can testify that we can make it to the other side.

In other news, President Nelson is coming to New Zealand! I’m not sure of I will meet him or not, but it is going to be great. I hope that things are warming up for yours. Have a great week!

Ofa Atu,

Elder Olson